Next club meeting

The next club meeting is Monday, January 7, 2019.

The 2019 Net Control schedule will be posted on this web site when it is complete.

The 2018 Net Control schedule is posted on the activities tab of this web site. Please download your copy today!


Free for the entire ham radio community! Come see us online at or email us at n4ujw ✆ for more info.

Several CWA club members get together on Saturday mornings at the My Place Diner in Central City on Saturday mornings around 8am. Everyone is welcome to come by and join them.

Older Items of Interest

EchoLink Node Name Changed (11/3/16)

The EchoLink node name has changed to W9CWA-R. The node number is the same, 820870. Please update your favorites to reflect this change. The old name was NV9S-R, new name W9CWA-R.


A new GUIDES section has been added to the CWA web site. Just click on the GUIDES tab above.

Club Repeaters

The CWA offers two open repeaters to the amateur community.

2m Repeater

147.270 MHz
+600 kHz offset
103.5 Hz PL tone
15 kHz channel spacing (wideband FM)
20W transmitter output
250 ft. antenna height

70cm Repeater

442.200 MHz
+5 MHz offset
103.5 Hz PL tone
15 kHz channel spacing (wideband FM)
25W transmitter output
210 ft. antenna height


EchoLink node 820870 W9CWA-R is linked to W9CWA 2m repeater.

IRLP is currently unavailable.

Last modified: 9 Dec, 2018